A juicer that won't make juice unless the produce is marked with special code [Updated]

the floss dispenser thing seems rather OK - did it say the floss is proprietary, or can you roll your own? - i’d pay 10 quid for that, maybe 15, and that’s all it costs - win!

the juicer, no

I guess if I were that CFR, I’d just have a butler to make me juice and tortillas when I wanted them. Ah, that would be the life!


What a load of wasteful, lazy garbage.


But if you’re crazy fuckin’ rich, wouldn’t you just have your personal chef juice fresh imported fruit every morning for you?


Or, alternatively:




If the machine is reading a QR code there might be a way to figure out their data and generate your own on a printer (of course I know nothing about how QR codes are made, so I could be way off-- it also occurs to me that they could switch their codes regularly to thwart that kind of thing.)

Two reasons.

  1. Most bottled “juice” has little to none of the juice of the supposed fruit. 100% pure Florida orange juice my ass. Okay, somehow that sounded wrong :thinking:

  2. Same reason I slaughter my own cows, to stay fresh and close to nature. ⇐ That’s a joke, BTW.


Looking at their website, it looks like the floss comes in special cartridges, though if you’re crafty enough with tools I don’t see anything that would necessarily preclude you from winding your own floss back onto the spool after it runs out. Their kickstarter seemed to indicate that its brains are limited to a couple of timers and a motor.

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Taste The Rainbow!


I am very confused by this product.

I used to think that the whole point of a juicing machine (or a manual juicing gadget if you want to get some exercise) is so that you can have actual genuine fresh squeezed juice from produce you know is good because you have bought it yourself.

So now, instead, you have this thing, which will only “squeeze” pre-pureed fruit pulp provided by the company and shipped to you from god knows how far away. The company says the pre-pureed packets they provide are fresh. “trust us,” they say, “honest, it’s even fresher than the fresh fruit at the corner veggie store, and besides, who are you going to believe, an anonymous corporation a thousand miles away or your own lying eyes?”

And this is superior to buying pre-prepared fresh juice from your local upscale grocery store because… mashed produce shipped across the country in plastic containers is fresher and more natural than juice made in the store that morning? And it’s better than juicing something yourself because… you don’t have to get your hands dirty handling the fruit pulp? Or something?

I mean, if the company thinks they can make money selling this crap to people with high incomes who enjoy being bilked, more power to them, but… just what kind of idiot would want to buy this? And what bullshit justification is being used to make this sound like a superior alternative to buying fresh produce and juicing it in a regular juice machine?


Alternatively, you could just eat the whole fruit and get all the nutrients, fiber, and juice in one go.


That must be that paleo thing I have been hearing about.


Actually, you helped the penny drop - this is a perverse, middle-class-aspirational reinvention of the Soda Stream, isn’t it?

I bet that was the internal product pitch.


Let’s go halfsies and I’ll see you there.


And 53% of all statistics are made up on the spot!


That all sounds very nice. but when you think about it a little more what you’re basically buying is packaged juice with the pulp left in. And an expensive machine to remove that pulp.

Cold pressed or not, this is a smoothie strainer. And the solution to to those problems with making juice. Is to buy your juice already made. Hell if I’m not satisfied with my supermarket offerings. And don’t want to juice myself. There’s a few delis and a health food store that will hippie juice me whatever I want for far cheaper than this.



If you don’t regard the cheap brand name juice as legitimate, many grocery stores these days will happily sell you fresh squeezed juice made from whole fruit in the store that morning. And organic food stores will sell you the same thing, made with organic produce. That, and juice made from fresh fruit the old fashioned way in a regular home juicer, is the competition for this “Juicero” thing.


I dunno. Is this really a problem? If you bought this gizmo it is probably because you want the service that goes along with it. If you want to just make juice out of any old thing you found at a grocery store, you would probably spend half that much on a “dumb” juicer.