Jurassic Park with cats instead of "velociraptors"


Maybe I had unrealistic expectations, but from the title I’d assumed the dinosaurs had actually escaped the island and were widespread enough to terrorize the world at large, a plot development that had been hinted at ever since the end of Crichton’s first Jurassic Park novel.

This appears to be What Could Possibly go Wrong in this Amusement Park Full of Dinosaurs? Part IV.

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Cats are more realistic, because it is easier to recover their dna, and should be scarier, because they hunted and killed early humans. Looking forward to Plio-Pleistocene Park!

Only one minor issue: their ears shouldn’t scale up with the rest of their bodies!

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Not just any dinosaurs. Genetically modified dinosaurs. Scary stuff.

Might as well bring in the link I posted yesterday.

There was a recent NOVA program that sort of deflated the idea that Spinosaurus was anything more than a fish eating dinosaur-- and given that Jurassic Park III used it as a kind of villain, perhaps the producers of this film aimed to be safe from paleontology.

This is much scarier than dinosaurs-- those cats look well fed, which means they won’t kill you immediately, they will bat you around for hours, then pull off your head and leave on the doorstep.


Is Jurassic World violating CITES protections?

I presume that InGen (if they are still the IP and share holders for Jurassic World), as a US-based company doing business in Costa Rica is obligated to operate within parameters dictated by Costa Rican law. I’m not aware of a white shark fishery in Costa Rica, so I presume that Jurassic World buys their sharks from foreign fleets. In which case I would like to see Jurassic World produce their non-detriment finding for the great whites they are sourcing for prehistoric wildlife food. Until such time I cannot endorse anyone planning to holiday in Jurassic Park this summer.

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