Jussie Smollett charged with filing false police report

If so, then sad career poison.

Well, saw an interview with the cops who said they had tbe check he paid his “assailants” with. Let that sink in for a moment. He paid them with a check. Not a smart conspirator, is he?


I will still believe the next person to come forward – even if their story is outrageous – because hateful people do outrageous shit all the time.

False accusations do not happen all the time. I am angry and disappointed over this one incident, but the occasional black swan is not going to stop me from believing and listening to someone who says that they were hurt and I won’t stop until evidence emerges to the contrary.

After all, if the sceptics can ask for evidence when someone says “a bad thing happened to me”, then counter-accusations of “fake” demand at least as much. I would say counter-accusations require more, as per Russell’s Teapot.

I still believe victims.


Well, not exactly…


I hate stories like this. All it does is:

  1. Hurt REAL victims who then aren’t believed.

  2. Gives people so inclined the little “tick” in their cognitive dissonance where any similar act will be met with the attitude of “it’s probably fake”.


When I first heard that this might be faked, I wondered what the hell his motive could be, especially since Fox quashed the rumours that it was about him being fired.

Someone on Reddit posted this:

which details how he was attempting to raise money to help keep Bennet College open, which wasn’t going well, as well as how quickly they exceeded the required amount after news of the attack spread. Who knows whether or not that’s really the reason, or even yet if it really was faked, but it’s at least a plausible motive…


I guess it might be pointed out that he likely has lied much less about racial attacks than the current president, but that’s damning with exceedingly faint praise. So tired of winning.


Have I noted lately how much I hate living in the stupid time line. It utterly sucks.


I will be even more clear about my question before, @JimJim still has posts that were not deleted saying he believes Jussie’s account to be false - so maybe there was something else that triggered moderation. There wasn’t a silencing of a point of view, there was moderation of a forum that he is questioning as part of a humblebrag about being correct about the case and to point out how many hate crimes are faked and the real hate crimes go unnoticed.

So the accusation that we are silencing the real victims to support fake ones is, frankly, an attempt to cheaply sway people into disbelieving the media and victims (or maybe even the wrong kind of victims). I am not doubting @JimJim 's own account of being a victim, and anti-semitism is underrepresented especially in smaller more traditional communities. And he is also right that people tend to use stories to construct a specific narrative out of convenience and not from consistent beliefs… but he’s also the one actively doing that.


The enhanced crisper twins will save us!

Or figure out how to leave the planet first.


Unfortunately, we can’t depend on anything like that.


This article missed the most important part - he claimed an attack from MAGA Republicans!

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I don’t; it sounds fictional.




Where are all the posts pointing out that Smollett is innocent until proven guilty and we shouldn’t jump to conclusions?

Where are the posts pointing out that this whole thing is fishy? That no one would stage an attack like this? That no one would pay people to attack them with a check - it’s just too stupid, it smells like a frame job?

Why is no one complaining that the headline doesn’t contain the totality of the circumstances surrounding the arrest?


I chose the one where a sacrifice of love eventually saved the whole world, where good triumphed over evil, and where justice was actually served: ya damn straight.

People dying is an inevitable part of the cycle of life.

Roddenberry’s universe is another good choice.

Because they’re in the UK?


I never said anything about going anywhere near Hogwarts; I’d totally be living in JK’s version of the Caribbean.


silly rabbit that is for white people… /s

fuck that this ONE instance will be used as an example to the countless others that are real and nobody will report because nobody will fucking believe them.


you noticed all that too?

good…I like knowing there are other sane people out there.



So not only do we now have to hear it from triumphalist white racists crowing how racism is made up and whites are the real victims, we also get to hear from the respectability politics crowd… fan-fucking-tastic.