Authorities charge far-right extremists with attacking police at Black Lives Matter protests

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I might have a heart attack and die from not surprise


I’ve come down with an acute case of Itoldyousooritus.


I have not yet seen an apology on any site by one of the people who said, at the time, that the violence was all by BLM members, and that they were trying to destroy America, and that institutional racism didn’t exist.

I’m not holding my breath.


It was always the likeliest group to be responsible, but not always the likeliest to be held responsible.


A detail that deserves to be in the post is that the Texas insurgent in question was stopped leaving a protest gone violent on Austin. In a truck, with 3 assault rifles, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. A bag of pot visible on the seat. And told the cops he was present when the Minneapolis police precinct burned.

They let him go. Apparently after he identified himself as president of some Boogaloo Bois chapter.

He even matched the description of a Minneapolis suspect and was carrying a distinctive magazine identifiable from video of the Police Station incident.


I hope they’re not getting released on bail. They’re accused of terrorism and have nothing to lose before the election.


This plus the fact that the Austin cops never arrested Daniel Perry for murdering Garrett Foster in downtown Austin (in my opinion his self defense argument is super thin and video evidence and bystander accounts suggest it was a pre-meditated act) makes me extra suspicious of Austin cops and where their allegiance lies.


even worse is that austin police are derided statewide by in-state media and police groups in the state for their “wokeness”.

if he’d been stopped in some other localities i wonder if the police that stopped them would have given them more guns and ammo.

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Wise decision. The Right didn’t care if it was true then and they still don’t.

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All this false-flag allegation (and inevitable false-false-flag allegation, from the right) leaves me exhausted.

Can’t anyone just stay in their lane and be a real flag?


This took too damn long. It happened five months ago and kept happening at demonstrations across the U.S. White people in masks smashing store windows then walking away. Another with a big hammer and chisel converting the street features into projectiles.

These are terrorists.

Less than a month after the WTC attacks of September 11, the U.S. launched a war with Britain already onboard, in Afghanistan.

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What bothers me is that photographer in the photo trying to put the fire out by peeing on it. He might have better luck if he used his hands to aim a little.

Well, was it because he was a fellow officer?

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