Mashing up Fox News BLM outrage with footage from the Jan 6th insurrection

Originally published at: Mashing up Fox News BLM outrage with footage from the Jan 6th insurrection | Boing Boing



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I can’t find it again right now, but didn’t I see recently that some right-wing provocateur was arrested and/or prosecuted for causing damage at an otherwise-peaceful BLM protest last year?

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this one in Minneapolis?

A member of the far-right Boogaloo Boys had admitted he traveled from Texas to Minneapolis in the wake of George Floyd’s death and purported to be a Black Lives Matter supporter while wreaking havoc on the city.

or this one in Richmond VA?

Officials Say White Supremacists Infiltrated Black Lives Matter Protest in Richmond to Instigate Riots

Or this one from DC?

White nationalist group posing as antifa called for violence on Twitter

there’s just so many to pick from


I’ve never seen the 90s version. I only remember late night reruns of the old version

Both intros (90s and original) are pretty spooky

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It was cheesy, as many things were in the 90’s. I used to watch it late at night on Saturdays as a teen.

But there was some legit good TV in there. The pilot was adapted from a George R. Martin story.

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Definitely the first one—I’d misremembered that Boy as being Proud, not Boogaloo.

Although your point is well made/taken: there’s certainly no shortage of real “false flag” action on the part of right-wing turds at BLM protests, in stark contrast to the absolutely fanciful “it was BLM!” garbage being spewed about the January 6 insurrection.

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