Jussie Smollett jailed 150 days over hoax attack

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So…break into the capitol and try to stage a coup, 60 days in jail.

Stage a hoax attack on yourself, 150 days.

I wonder what the difference is? /s


Smollett’s sentence is pretty right on for what he did, mild if anything.

The rioters’ sentences are offensively short in nearly every case.


Why? It was a dick move, sure, but he didn’t cause direct harm to anyone else. If we didn’t have such a culture of incarceration I’m sure the court could have found more productive ways for Mr. Smollett to repay his debt to society.


Me Me! I know I know! He made up a fake attack and tried to pass it off as real - and they made a real attack and tried to pass it off as fake!


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Remember Ashley Todd, of “a big black man totally attacked me and cut a B for Barack Obama into my cheek” fame? She was sentenced to probation and mental evaluation.

Smollett does need to face consequences for his crime but I don’t think there are a lot of examples of white folks being put in jail that long for false police reports.


I heard Jussie Smollett feels really bad about it…

but he shouldn’t beat himself up.


He didn’t accept guilt, and the situation was particularly egregious. He didn’t just falsely report, he staged threats, and an entire attack in front of a surveillance camera for the purpose of helping his career (and also blamed it on big bad anti gay, anti black, trump supporters).

There just aren’t that many similar situations. It is something out of a dark comedy. If he were mentally unbalanced it would be a kindness, but instead he very very deliberately (with rehearsals, and planning) tried to commit a fraud.


You are right that he didn’t physically harm anyone else, but his lies and fabrications diverted all kinds of resources to the case. My wife and I listened to the sentencing and I thought the judge did a pretty good job of outlining all the factors that led to his decision.

I do agree that maybe he could have been made to make a greater monetary restitution and a lower prison sentence. But he does deserve to suffer consequences.

Depressingly, the right wing whackos will use this as ammunition for all of the false flag / gaslighting garbage they spew. There is so much awful and blatant racism that they refuse to acknowledge and they will use this.

As for the patriot princess and the rest of the January 6th insurrectionists, they all deserve to go away for a long, long time.


Police and prosecutors were busy pursuing his snipe hunt while real victims waited or were denied access to justice. This was more than just crank calls to 911.

There’s enough actual Jewish cemetery headstone toppling, graffiti on mosques and gay bashing that floods the system each year, authorities are rightly pissed and this guy should serve time.

He cried wolf, continues to cry wolf… dude needs to grow the fuck up and get some help.


And now they have diverted all kinds of resources to investigating, prosecuting and incarcerating Smollett for a crime that would have likely ended with a plea deal and probation had it been committed by a white person.

This goes to my point… if the offender had been white he likely would’ve been compelled to enroll into some kind of counseling program instead of five months in lockup. If “help” is really what he needs then this sentence is unlikely to provide it.


He harmed LGBT hate crimes victims who don’t have their crimes taken seriously and which often aren’t investigated or their abusers and murderers get away without equal justice. A ton of hate crimes were and aren’t taken seriously.


Fox News is covering the story heavily because, of course, it reinforces the idea that any racist attack you hear about is a hoax attack.


There are no winners here.

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Both things can be true… this guy can be an asshole AND our criminal justice system can be racist as fuck… We REALLY do need to take every opportunity to point that out, or else nothing will change.

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