Just a tiny hedgehog sitting on a piece of bread


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Missing @nemomen right now.



I know, that was my first thought when I saw the headline. :disappointed_relieved:


Just sayin’

Urchin Wear is PPs amazon storefront.




but that’s a GIANT HEDGEHOG


Is it gluten free?


How did I not have her on Twitter.l?!??!

I mean, I have her on LinkedIn for FSM’s sake.

Now that I have That oversight corrected…


Hedgehogs are wise to be covered in spines, because I do very much want to smorsh them until their little heads pop off like champagne corks


“Wanna see the smallest hedgehog ever? oh…yeah, just be super careful though, he’s super easy to inhale…”

Better Off Ted, one of those shows that appeared, brightened the world and then disappeared like so much tiny, inhaled squirrel.


Size doesn’t matter.


Sonic The Sandwich



I wore my Hedgezilla shirt for the first time today. It’s beautiful, fits well, it’s comfortable, and shipping was fast… I love it! (I need a better pic of it, I think.)

–edited to add quote I was responding to.

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