Just look at Stephen Sondheim's two homes

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Why, do they look like bananas?


As intricate, eclectic, and deliberately stylish as the late owner himself.

Playful too. In addition to being a musical and theatrical genius, Sondheim was a connoisseur of games and puzzles, some of which are visible in the photos.


$5,896 / month in taxes??!!

:musical_note: Send in the clowns.


In fact, he is almost solely responsible for introducing British style cryptic crossword puzzles to the US. I haven’t done many of those, they’re very different from the standard NYT crossword, but they look fun. And hard. They’re more focused on wordplay than on trivia or vocabulary.



Something horrid should happen to the author of the second property description.

A Cherished Secret for 39+ Years, The Country Retreat of Legendary Broadway icon Stephen Sondheim is Now Available for Those Who Appreciate the Magic of Theater and the Allure of Country Living. Nestled on over 9 acres Along a Serene Country Road, this Lovingly Restored c1792 Home Offers a Timeless Blend of History, Elegance, and Modern Comfort. 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Baths in Main House + Separate Pool & 1-Bedroom Pool House. Dramatic Living Room with Cathedral Ceiling & Stone Fireplace. Separate Dining Room with Fireplace. Main Level Primary Suite with Large Full Bath. 2 Ensuite Bedrooms Upstairs Each with Sitting Rooms. Wonderful Paneled Library. Separate 2-Car Detached Garage. Magical & Special!


Thank you! When a Boing Boing post includes “Just look at,” there better be a goddamn banana.


Met him years ago at a performance of “Gypsy” at the Papermill Playhouse. Very nice and as eccentric as one would imagine.

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Damn. That townhouse on 49th is fantastic. And it’s around the corner from some delicious bagels. And steak.
I’m afraid the 48K/month payment with taxes and ins is a little out of my price range, tho. :slight_smile:


The first picture, with the piano, was amazing. The rest of the house was a mix of styles and decades that I didn’t care for, with some 80s/90s/00s stuff that I think ruined the aesthetic in that it never was consistent. But, this looked like a house that was lived in, rather than curated as a whole.

There may have been a banana in the pantries or kitchens in both homes.

Lots of photos. Time for Where’s Waldo: The Banana Edition


So my question is, are they selling off his actual stuff along with the homes, or is this at least partially staged? I’m seeing some of the same decor in both real estate listings.

For example, the carpet runners and the classic paintings of the pool players.


I’ve seen other, older photos of the NYC townhouse and it looks like they kept a lot of his items in place. Probably some staging, though.

The house might be sold with all or some of the contents, or a separate estate sale might be held after and if the beneficiaries are given a chance to take items that are meaningful to them. Reading about his estate, which is a pour-over trust with multiple beneficiaries, I doubt that his husband is just taking everything to his new home. Also, I’d expect in Sondheim 's case that certain items with historical value like his piano would end up going to museums or schools.

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