Just look at this banana-futures-speculation cryptocurrency


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Why not? At least you can eat a banana, unlike gold.


Same for a cryptocurrency backed by pork bellies

(just heading over to GitHub … stand by for BaconCoin)

You’re missing the truly exciting news about BananaCoin: no evil government will ever be able to manipulate the price of a commodity-backed cryptocurrency.


Seems like not such a bad idea.
But I know nothing about economics.


Congratulations, you’re qualified to be an “investor” in cryptocurrencies!

I’ll let you in on the secret to this one: banana-fired power plants to run the BananaCoin mining rigs. Self-fulfilling proof of banana!



I look at it and I look at it and I look at it but it really doesn’t seem to be helping me understand what’s a block-chain, or whether it needs a hyphen.




Here, Gwen steps away from this bloody spectacle for a moment to comment on the madness and ugliness of what we’ve just witnessed, and, by extension, the petty rivalries of high school in general. This shit is bananas, Gwen tells us, and we can only agree. And lest we miss the point, she spells it out. And repeats it another three times.



What happens when Eric eats a Bananacoin?


That was terrifying, bro.


So wait, all those banana posts were actually about bananas?


But a bananacoin is not a banana, it is only the symbol of a banana. If it’s backed by an actual banana, it is most likely hundreds of miles away.

EDIT: Actually, it’s the symbol of a banana future contract, which is a symbol of a banana that does not exist yet.


I’m rich! RICH, I say!


Also: So I guess there really is money in the banana stand?


an up and coming cryptocurrency based on one’s love for garlic bread:




Lemme see if I understand the history of currency up to the present day.

  1. a thing
  2. a thing with sufficient appeal that it can reliably be traded for any other thing (1)
  3. a token representing a private entity’s promise to give you thing (2)
  4. a token representing a government’s promise to give you thing (2)
  5. a token representing a government’s promise to cancel your debts to it or to private entities operating under its laws
  6. electronic records representing token (5)
  7. different kinds of electronic records asserted by private individuals to be exchangeable for (but not inherently the same as) token (5), or at least electronic records (6)
  8. a kind of electronic record (7) asserted by private individuals to be equivalent in value denominated by government token (5) of a specific potential thing (1) that is likely but not certain to exist in a given form over a given time horizon.

How’d I do?


All part of growing up in 1980s Britain.

We were also taught not to be afraid of strange men who offer us ‘Cosmic Dust’ that will bring our teddy bears to life.


I always thought that the banana stand was really for money laundering?

I mean, I’m sure they never came out and said so, but yeah…that’s totes a Bluth thing to do.