Just look at this MRI of a banana



Source, which explains this is a banana flower, rather than the fruit we know and love.


This animation is vastly improved if you play the original Doctor Who theme over it and imagine Patrick Troughton’s face fading into the background.


Thank you, I was thinking it looked more like a cabbage, or an onion, and that explains why.

They have the fruit too:


So, all those little circles are embryonic bananas? Just look at 'em all…

I can has voxels?

Suzanne Somers was right! Even bananas get more MRIs than Canadians!


The tough part is looking away afterward.

Or there is always this perspective… (note: I completely estimated the spacing between the slices… may not be accurate)

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Insert ‘smoking banana peels’ joke here.

Heh. I spent a happy 10 minutes analyzing the movie and discovered that it’s a banana flower instead of an actual banana, before coming here to see someone already noticed…

Since I’m a “new user” and can’t upload images, here’s an imgur link: http://i.imgur.com/uudkm8y.png

http://i.imgur.com/uudkm8y.png (I’m a new user, I can’t post images)

Nice work bluskale.

a big stinky old banana flower. The fruit hangs above the top end:

Your wish is our command:


I spy Fibonacci sequences!

I got into an accident Aug 10 2013 and need an MRI on my knee. The earliest I can get in is April 21.2014. there are pictures of an MRI of a banana.WTF

These MRI images are demos taken on a desktop sized research scanner - the machine is designed to look inside small objects, e.g. rats, mice, hamsters… undergoing early stage drug trials, e.g. to measure the size of tumours and assess the effectiveness of new medicines. The access is through a 3~4" tube and you wouldn’t fit your leg inside this thing. It sucks about the wait for your MRI but these images are not taken on a human-sized scanner.