Justine Bateman doesn't give a sh*t if you don't like the way she looks: 'I think I look rad'

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My lovely wife Pussycat has long thick un-dyed grey hair and every time we go out some woman will compliment her, saying she loves her hair and telling her how brave she is to not dye it. The remarks could be interpreted as catty but I think they’re sincere and these women feel required by society to dye their own, and are actually envious of us old punks who don’t give a single goddamn fuck what society thinks about us.


Life Goal: To be like Mrs. Justine.


I just don’t give a shit. I think I look rad.

I think my face represents who I am. I like it.

A cool verbalization of components of inner beauty.


She does look good.

My bias being that I’m not that much younger than her and know that this is how bodies work and anybody saying otherwise is kind of being an obviously stupid edgelord. One day they’ll be denying something about themselves in the mirror she isn’t.

FWIW, the last time I saw her being interviewed on TV, she was being the first celebrity I remember talking about the Internet and having to explain what email was to Carson or Letterman or Leno in slow easy terms. They were clearly laughing at her at the time. Oops.


She’s a hero for Gen X in the true spirit of not giving a fuck.

I’m her age, and also letting everything run its due course; I have no patience for self-maintenance over the most basic of stuff. Dyeing, waxing, skin treatment, and makeup (or worse, medical intervention like lipo, plastic surgery, & Botox) feel like huge time and money sinks; all artifice playing on fear. I don’t want to BE old, but I can’t get cranked about looking that way, as disconcerting as it can be, at times.


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