Woman posts others' judgments on her appearance with and without make-up


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Taking youtube comments personally. What a very good idea.


It’s a good reminder of how destructive make-up use can be to your skin.


That’s the point you got from that?


I think you missed what the video was about. By a fair margin.


I am sorry but my instant reaction was “my goodness what’s wrong with her skin?”
here are some tips from old lady… her make up doesn’t have to be this heavy- focus more on right cleansing and don’t react to stupid internet reaction so emotionally. She does not have to be attacked but definitely needs to change her order of priority!!


I know right? She should just stay off the internet altogether, she’s obviously too sensitive and can’t take a joke at all! Probably a feminist too!


This is terrific! She’s a beauty blogger who describes herself as a model turned independent filmmaker. Now she’s got a video that’s gone viral, with coverage in the daily mail and so on. Just what every blogger/filmmaker dreams of. What a wonderful way to make lemonade out of her particular lemons. You go girl!


What? You don’t know anything about what causes her acne. Most of the time it’s hormonal and not something that a person can control.


I don’t think you understand acne. Not everyone’s responds the same way, so generic advice like “focus on cleansing!” is neither helpful nor warrented. Furthermore, it could be construed as victim blaming (ie, “she wouldn’t look like that if she just washed her face better!”). :confused:


At least you’re sorry.


I have acne on my back that requires medication to keep under control. I don’t wear makeup on my back. I wash my back. Stop talking about things you don’t understand.


Not even going to watch the video. Not that I find the video itself bad, but I am sick of seeing the worst of ‘humanity’ dragging themselves out of their caves to slam another person.


Same to you and have a nice day.


Nice to see some of the same types of trolls from her video showing up here. Hi, trolls!



By far the best solution to Youtube comments thus far:

(Also, turn off your notifications…)


Yes thank you, my acne is hereditary and my father was still breaking out at the ripe old age of 65. You know what stopped mine? I don’t wash my face. I rinse it in the shower, but I use no cleanser of any kind on it. An oil-free moisturizer and rare use of makeup and I only occasionally get acne anymore.


She’s a beautiful woman, with or without makeup, but the haters are going to hate no matter what. She just can’t win.


Out of 100k comments, it’s not surprising that both extreme sides of the spectrum were represented. What’s a bit sad to me is that none of the supportive comments which surely were present made it through. I don’t belittle her very real issues with acne and stereotypes that evokes, but this is a bit of a tempest in a teacup.


Few internet outrages aren’t. If any.