Watch a YouTube vlogger make a big realization about makeup

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I prefer women that don’t wear make up but if they choose to I have no problems. My concerns for makeup is the health implications, even the “natural” ones still have fine particulate of minerals and metals.


I’m glad for her that she realized this simple fact. Our culture makes the oddest things seem normal, and the most human things seem not okay.


It is the same realization I came a long time ago… “if males look fine with no makeup why is almost compulsory for females to put on?” I was baffled.

No males wear makeup outside outrageous 80’s videos, why females should*?

Now I am all for “stop plastering your face with corrosive shit”.

*PD: I am all for the comeback of the “eye shadow up to the back of the skull” style.

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Few males.

A few years ago, I decided to wear makeup mostly on special events and for costuming. The process of ‘putting on my face’ every single day and every time I merely stepped out the door was feeling tyrannical and taking too much brain space.

It is notable how people’s behaviours and responses change whether I am wearing makeup or not. When in makeup, strangers (clerks, waiters, cashiers, etc) are more polite and affable, for instance using the formal “vous” in French and calling me “Madame or Ms”. Without makeup, I’m always “Tu” and never “Ms”. There are previous jobs I could not have held without a suitably ‘professional’ look (codeword for makeup). This effect even extends to loved ones: Even my mother, who is not a shallow type at all and very supportive, always asks if I’m tired or ill when she sees me without makeup. I know she doesn’t realize it because I’m very adept at the no-makeup makeup, but it is unmistakeable that she thinks I look better with the makeup (she just doesn’t know and would be completely mortified if I pointed it out). So I’m no fool: According to most of society, I do look better with the makeup. I don’t know which parts of it have to do with actual beauty, sex-appeal, age perception or apparent affluence. But by taking off the makeup, I do lose a measure of social status. That said, I still do it because I want to relinquish that time and space for myself and there is empowerment in not feeling crippled by complexes while stepping out bare-faced into the world.


Selfie-fiends do this regularly too, looking among mostly identical takes to find “the one where I look good.”

I attended a yoga workshop that was like an EST style thing. We were not allowed to wear makeup. I think the main reason they did this was to keep the workshop on schedule since they woke us up and got us to breakfast on a certain schedule and we couldn’t have alarm clocks.

I was FREAKING OUT before I went at the idea of not having makeup on, particularly mascara. Blonde eyelashes. I feel so weird without it.

Of course once I got there I was fine without it.

There’s a good episode of What Not to Wear where they take a woman who is against doing much with her hair and makeup “because Feminism” and by the end of the episode she starts to realize that being able to dress a certain way and make oneself up is a privilege of being a woman. I liked it a lot. I watched a lot of that show and upped my game about dressing afterward. We gotta get dressed each day, why not make it special?

Also, get off his lawn.

"You don’t need to wear makeup. You can and there’s nothing wrong with
it, it’s awesome. But if you don’t, you’re still awesome."

Maybe it’s just me, but I would have been more no-makeup-positive, thusly:
“You don’t need to wear makeup. Nope, you don’t. Really. Trust me on this. But if you do, then if you were awesome before, you’re probably still awesome.”

/thinks some people definitely aren’t awesome.

I wish it were more commonplace/acceptable for men to wear makeup in everyday circumstances. Every Halloween, I struggle to put on my scary face makeup, and I know that if I had more daily practice it would look much better and take less time.

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Dude, follow your bliss. It’s never too late to make a career change:
How to Become a Clown!

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