Amy Schumer parodies boy bands' obsession with "natural beauty"


Our society’s obsession? I was not even aware of this obsession.

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I’m not sure I understand the values of “we” here.

Have fun and do what you wish with your appearance, but it’s wise to remember it looks completely different in person than it does on a two-dimensional medium like a mirror, screen, or portrait.

Yeah I wonder why… maybe because you’re not the target of that obsession.

waits for all the men of BoingBoing to continue to miss the point and maybe continue to wax vague poetic about “remembering to be wise”. 'Cuz men 'splaining to women how to handle societal expectations of beauty is totally what we silly un-wise women need… (Note: That was not a wise comment @ItoKagehisa, no matter how wise you think you were being…)

I don’t wear makeup every day, but I’m very pale and my cheeks can get very red sometimes, and also I have very, very dark under eye circles (thanks, mom!), which sometimes are so dark that I look like I’ve been punched. It’s ridiculous. So sometimes I wear makeup. Especially on days like today when I’m getting all fancy for an important meeting/interview.

But not every day. Mostly because I am not a morning person. Like. At all. I do envy women who are really good at makeup application. I find it somewhat tedious but occasionally necessary.


And, when I was younger, I wore makeup about as often as I do now, which basically amounted to rarely. I was once told by two women that I should probably wear makeup if I wanted to look more professional and be taken seriously at the office. So for a while there I wore makeup basically every day. Then I was like fuck this, I hate this, I don’t care. Thankfully here in Vermont it’s not nearly as uncommon to see bare-faced women pretty much everywhere, which is nice.


The whole “wear makeup to look more professional” thing drove me crazy. I was so happy going from business to art because I didn’t have to live by those female dress-isms. Make-up, hose, etc.

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Fuck hose, but I do wear tights and leggings a lot, but the difference is that I have a choice and they come in fun colors and patterns!

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Pantyhose are the WOOOORST. Fortunately I live in Seattle and people would probably think it was weird if I was wearing them.

For the guys: maybe watch a “natural” makeup tutorial on youtube. It’s astonishing how much makeup it takes to look like you’re not wearing makeup. There are guys (and even women!) who think Kim Kardashian’s look is “natural no-makeup”. And there’s such a fine line - we get judged for wearing too much, and for not wearing enough.

Here’s another example: This photo is labeled “scar jo no makeup”:

Now that’s patently nonsense. She’s wearing eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation/powder of some kind - which necessitates blush, because otherwise your cheeks have no color, and lip gloss. Possibly mascara. Possibly brow makeup. AND the photo has probably had some 'shopping as well.
Actual photo of Scarlett without makeup (although probably still wearing lip balm):


I’m legendarily unwise. But I know that what the mirror shows me is not what I look like to others.

Personally, I don’t use makeup unless I’m on camera, but I do have fun with my hair. I’m fond of mullets and mohawks in inappropriate places, like corporate boardrooms and banks… sometimes I’ll create a purposely ridiculous beard or elaborate mustachios, too.

If people don’t like what I look like, oh well. I suppose I will suffer the consequences, same as anybody else, and those consequences will be unique to the situation, same as anybody else. Luckily I live in a culture where eccentricity is tolerated, if not appreciated.

And like are you even picking up on the really blatant irony here? Look at your comments. Read the comments of several women in this thread. Watch the video again.


Amy Schumer is brilliant and hilarious and spot-on with her (American) insight about women in the US.

As the boys say

Just a little mascara and you’ll look female!

Although I didn’t know they were so obsessed…

Oh my god please watch the video. Again. Over and over again. Until you get it. Thanks.

Also watch everything else Amy does. And Broad City.

Because those bitches GET. IT. In a way that you and the men I’ve replied to here never, ever will.

That clearly makes you uncomfortable and defensive but I don’t really care.


C’mon fellas. Don’t make me use the p-word!


Hilariously, I actually had gummy BUTTERFLIES yesterday :smile:

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More or less correct! :wink:


What about Patriarchy?

Oh I know!

The priciest word I learned at Antioch:


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You folks know a lot of “P” words! I am privileged to participate in such a forum!