Here’s what happened when women stopped wearing makeup for a week

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Funny, I used to be like the woman who likes to wear makeup because it’s fun, but I’ve gradually stopped wearing anything but lipstick (and even not that every day). It just stopped being fun having to take the time to put it on, take the time to maintain it, worry if it’s smeared out of place…

Lately the lipsticks I’ve been getting are long-wear – more like theatrical makeup. That means I can make it through lunch at work without a touch-up, which makes them a viable option.

As for being expected to wear makeup – unless you are in front of a camera or on a stage, fuck that.


Natural skin is beautiful.




I’d be interested to see how this experiment works with women in their 30s or 40s.

It’s likely to be easier, since the socialization from birth starts to weigh heavier with each passing year. When you’re juggling a job, relationship, and kids, mascara just isn’t worth the time to put on and take off.


this may be hard for you to believe, but from my chair, women under 45 are too young for me to be comfortable corrupting.

Add to that the fact that during my “formative years” (high school) only cheerleaders and wackos on the fringes used any makeup at all. I got pretty conditioned to choosing natural over art faces.


<3 for “art faces”! Thank you so much for that ray of sunshine today!


This RSS reader, I need to get a new one.


:musical_note: 'cause you got that inner na-tural gla-ooow :musical_note:

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I had exactly the same thing happen to me:

I’d say that maybe the RSS feed is broken, but with accidents like this, maybe it’s working as intended?


I’m not sure sure it’s that simple. I’m in my late 30s and my morning routine is pretty quick – bit of powder, concealer and blush. I save the eye makeup for going out. However, I work in a fairly casual environment so the expectations for a “professional appearance” are different for me than for a businesswoman or lawyer, for example. I don’t want to knock these girls’ experiences at all, it’s just that when I read the headline, I hoped for more age diversity.


Now I understand what you meant, and agree with you there.


Waiting for “I find women without makeup hotter” comment. Ok not here - but on a “lesser site” I guarantee you you’ll fine that comment.


It’s a good point. I find that makeup, more than clothing, is assumed to be worn only for other people. Clothing has expectations attached, but at least you can, for instance, find a suit that’s tailored to be comfy so you can get work done and look professional at the same time.

But then there’s that bit about looking “hot”. Funny, because most of the women I know claim to worry they’ll look tired without makeup, because it’s so common women who don’t wear it can look dull by comparison.

It’s a great example of one segment of society doing something for one reason, while another segment assumes it’s for a different reason.


“without” seems to be often defined weird


I’m a big fan of the liquid long-lasting stuff. Paint it on in the morning, and unless I eat something really greasy I’m good for the day. Other than that, some loose powder and a quick swipe of eyeliner pencil–done.

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Zombie Tammy Faye Bakker is confused and angry and does not approve of this experiment.


There seems to be a large spectrum depending on where you live or work; “no makeup” seems to mean a couple of degrees below what most women are wearing (and in some cases no makeup actually means that somebody didn’t put makeup on, and that’s not considered odd).


You mean the standard bb crowd?