Comics about men being 'deceived' by makeup

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Came here assuming a VERY different story was being presented. Happy to be wrong!


I wonder what Hamlet would say to all this?

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This is a thing? I honestly never heart about this before. Who makes such abstruse arguments?


yeah… this seems a little straw-man-ish to me…

…or straw-heterosexual-man-ish…

It does tend to pop up on MRA sites. I’ve seen a post with “before and after” pictures of women labeled “This is why I have trust issues.”

Honestly it kind of makes me feel bad for the poor dudes who seem to think women are all born with tinted eyelids and color-changing lips.


With a passive-voice unattributed quote like that, the safest bet is the writer herself is the only one asking. Cf: All journalism about the Clintons.

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But somehow implants are considered exempt from this.


Except no, you shouldn’t dismiss the author as imagining things, because it’s trivially easy to find examples of people asking that question all over the internet. Some people take it more seriously than others, but the idea that makeup is a form of lying has been around a while now.


Indeed it is. I used to hear it often from certain kinds of socially awkward, accusatory towards the female types in when I was younger. Usually right before they launched into a “nice guys” speech or a convoluted explanation of their creepy obsession with Asian women.


Not that the author is imagining things; I think they’re speaking for themselves, but not honest enough to own it. So it’s “some people say” and “the question is out there.”

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I’m lost for words, fortunately I never met such jerks. When hearing such anecdotes I’m embarassed to be male.


Then I’m confused by your statement. Both Dong and Hudson make it plain they don’t think makeup is lying, and are making fun of what it would be like if it were really true. When you’re disagreeing with a notion that is so very easy to find out there, what exactly more are you supposed to own?


trigger warning: no Spoiler Alert included for Santa’s unreality.


I have fortunately not run into too many of those jerks since college. Being a maladjusted misogynistic ass seems to be a young mans game.

Unfortunately I just started working with a guy like this. He’ll loudly tell you about how he was accepted into and attended the most difficult and prestigious engineering program at one of the finest colleges in the country (it seriously isn’t). Later after you’ve presumable forgotten about how smart and important and about to be successful he is he’ll blame nebulous “politicians” or “liberals” for the fact that he had to drop out when his grades tanked and he lost his financial aid. Then he’ll cover his ass by again mentioning how smart and wonderful he had to be to get in in the first place. Then its off to the races on women and minorities being bad and deceptive. One of these groups is stealing your jobs, the other is stealing your jobs and trying to trick you into getting them pregnant. I’ll let you guess which is which. He loves to talk about sports LOUDLY with people who don’t like or understand sports. But refuses to discuss them with anyone who actually enjoys the subject or knows anything about it. He refers to new US bills as “play money” and bemoans how stupid and un-American they are. When you point out that they have to look like that, to stem the tide of massive counterfeiting operations he is confused. As if that never occurred to him. When you point out the obvious holes in logic or false hoods he repeats uncritically in nearly any conversation he has a handy rejoinder. And that rejoinder is a complete non sequitur. Because you see, you just don’t understand! And he’s so much smarter than everyone. He insults and antagonizes everyone to their faces (except the pretty young women), trash talks the boss to the bosses daughter, and says nasty shit about everyone and everything nearly constantly when he thinks noone is looking. He also wants to beat up one of the Mexican cooks for reasons noone can fathom. Maybe it has to do with all that political correctness that’s oppressing him.

Its incredibly bizarre and frustrating even standing near the guy. And the frightening thing is he could be a carbon copy of a dude I knew pretty well in college. They even look nearly identical (although that guy was talking loudly about his career in underground ninjitsu death matches instead of sports and “lifting”).


*Hurriedly pulls sock out of pant leg, stashes Fireman’s uniform in bathroom trash can, offloads mewling kitten on wingman


It sounds like you have an opportunity on your hands. Hear me out.

@shitmycoworkersays twitter handle. this could make you famous.


Stories like this always make me think of Ignatius J. Reilly.

EDIT: Well, I suppose somebody has to vote for Trump.


Unfortunately nothing he says is particularly interesting. Its all the very boring sort of recidivist assholery we’ve all heard a dozen times. Thats kind of what makes its so aggravating. Its like he’s reading a fucking script.

Hi! I’m the artist who drew these. I have personally known/met a lot of guys who consider makeup to be dishonest and are more interested in “natural” girls. I did grow up in a small suburban community and that probably has something to do with it. This was just my experience and I have no clue how widespread this attitude toward makeup-use actually is. I just know that this was a popular opinion among the young men I grew up with.