Woman posts others' judgments on her appearance with and without make-up

Blue background? Hrm…

One of the most important things I’ve learned is who’s opinion to ignore.


I blame dicks for being dicks more than I blame her for not having a thicker skin about people being dicks.


I’d like to congratulate you on your white penis.


The genetic makeup of the poster does not make the tempest any stronger nor the teacup any bigger.

It’s white penises all the way down.


Um, I used to have acne problems too and being there done that, I would NEVER NEVER NEVER smear my skin like her. Maybe the word “cleansing” was not the right word, but once I am super careful touching my face I def. have better skins. Of course she might have worse situation but it was only my concern that she applies too much stuff on her skin.

“she wouldn’t look like that if she just washed her face better!” – I never said that. psychological stress may lead to too much makeup so that is why I also said stop taking things too emotionally.

Because what worked for you will work for everyone? Your experience is the only experience? There’s no possibility that something else is causing her acne and she’s wearing makeup to make herself, I don’t know, more employable or something?


I know this is only from Harvard and can’t compete with your “don’t touch your face” study, but not “taking things too emotionally” probably wouldn’t help:

“Anger and sadness are an important part of life, and new research shows that experiencing and accepting such emotions are vital to our mental health. Attempting to suppress thoughts can backfire and even diminish our sense of contentment. Acknowledging the complexity of life may be an especially fruitful path to psychological well-being.”

Respectfully, I didn’t say that you had said that, just that your comment could be construed that way.

Look, I get that you mean well, but you’re coming off as a jerk.

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After reading some of these reponses…


That was a punch in the gut. I have no constructive anything besides… Well two things.

If you criticize someone’s appearance on the sole basis of appearance, stop it. You suck. Grow up.

Second, I happen to like scars, asymmetry, and imperfections. Which is good, cause I have scars, I am asymmetrical, and I am imperfect. Which you will look like soon too :smile:

Oh, one third thing–if you make fun of how a person looks, your nose will fall off.


Or, if you’re a guy …

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Heh, lets not make it personal :). Plus I think nose falling off is worse (both are baaad)

If it was just a few trolls on the internet we could overlook it possibly, but it isn’t. Its a culture of judgement and shame towards women for being women. All this video does is remind us that women are judged on their appearance first, and everything else secondary no matter who they are (Even a future President perhaps). Unfortunately that goes beyond just trolls, its ingrained in society and is normal behavior.

Which is a shame, because I want all humans to reach their full potential. Unfortunately that can’t be the case with behavior like this.


Not really. But you’re free to add to what someone said, call them out for what you added, and then call them a jerk all day. I mean, it’s no makeup shaming, but it should do.

By ‘behavior like this’ do you mean the culture of judgement and shame?

Or the culture of judgement and shame of women specifically and exclusively?

Wait what

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The idea is: Judging people on appearance is fucked up. Sometimes people don’t have legs, or have a face with a bigass scar you can’t ignore, or whose right hand’s index finger ends at the second knuckle. Judging them because of appearance is just as stupid as judging someone for having bad skin or adult acne. Don’t do that. Judging people on appearances is just stupid. Not everything can be remedied, and sometimes people choose to look the way they do. Judge them for the reasons they choose to look the way they do, don’t judge them for looking the way they do.

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yea but this is exactly what I am saying, instead of covering up only the surface of your skin and listen to what other people are saying, care about your skin and be more confident of yourself as is. Its like saying yes to people having plastic surgeries— but i guess if that is one’s choice I have no saying. Just kills me to see an acne face covered with tons of chemical stuff when it can be better other ways.

It’s the difference between me calling a jerk Bignose cause they are a jerk, and just calling someone Bignose. As per protocol the first is allowed, the second not.