Kaki King, artist featured on our in-flight Virgin America TV channel, is touring. Don't miss her live


The tour link goes to a Youtube video, which doesn’t seem to have any tour info. Her website has details; unfortunately it looks one of those CA/NY-only tours.

She is quite good. If you like that sort of guitar playing,check out Peter Mulvey - he does similar stuff (especially on his earlier albums) and also sings quite well. Check out his earlier album “Glencree” or one of his later ones like “Kitchen Radio” or “Letters From A Flying Machine”.

There is a player in France that enjoyed her music so much he created a style of his own and revolutionized not only the instrument he plays, but a whole musical type. His name is Gregory Jolivet and he is one of the worlds best hurdy gurdy players.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNbsugXi9WY Gregory and Kaki King jamming

I absolutely love Kaki King’s work. I wish she was coming to my town. I feel like the additional percussion hides the amazing things she can do as a solo artist.

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