Watch: Metal guitarist Kayla Kent reads crude viewer comments as calmly as she plays when shredding

Originally published at: Watch: Metal guitarist Kayla Kent reads crude viewer comments as calmly as she plays when shredding | Boing Boing


The shred is strong in this one. Hmmmm.


I have no hope for human males. We all need to be behind bars.


Well, that’s the dream, innit, chief?

I was mesmerized by Kayla Kent’s fingers. Her set-up really shows off her dexterity.


I didn’t realize that metal attracted so many creeps and possible stalkers.


Kayla’s great, and yeah, her set-up really does show her dexterity. I love the economy of movement in her right hand.

Another shredder I love who also happens to be a woman is Sophie Lloyd. I will admit that what initially drew me in was her looks, but she made me subscribe with her incredible talent,

She’s a spectacular guitarist, often doing shred versions of classics, and she’s recently been hired to play with Machine Gun Kelly.
She’s documented her life on tour with them on her channel, and it’s wonderful.
It’s a warts and all personal record; she’s previously gone on the record as being incredibly nervous and anxious in performance situations, and to see her grow in to the role while perfectly executing intricate solos live is just awesomely heartwarming, and you end up really rooting for her.

And while this is not the focus of her videos at all, you end up really respecting the work and stress that goes in to being a professional musician on tour.

Regarding musical ability, the sheer technical talent of these bright young people is almost enough to make me hang up my axe in shame.
Bradley Hall, Sophie, Charles Berthoud, Kayla, Bernth and many, MANY more make me wish I’d practised harder younger (or even just had access to YouTube!)

But at the same time, every time I watch them, I pick up the guitar immediately afterwards, so they’re helping drive my passion.


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Check out Haruka Noma from Asterism.

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