Kamala Harris announces medicare for all plan

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each candidate’s policies is about as important as all the absolutely worthless bills the house passes

absolutely meaningless

if we’re lucky, trumps endgame isn’t to start a literal race war so he can declare martial law and bypass elections entirely - yeah sure tell me how impossible that would be compared to everything else he’s done

every one of these damn 20 that just HAD to run and create a circus better damn keep working to register people and get them to the polls because all trump needs is 80,000 votes in certain states to win the electoral again

in fact he only needs 269 electoral, because if it’s a tie, it goes to the house, which does not vote as individuals but on per-state basis so it’s like the senate and he wins that too

and if it goes to the supreme court, he’ll win that too by 5-4

so save the health insurance arguements until 2021


Sure, the details of implementation are not worth spilling any blood over at this point. They will no doubt be different in whatever bill Congress considers. The goal right now is to pick a viable candidate without damaging them for the general election.

But those details are not at all meaningless - they are criteria for picking a candidate in the primaries, and create expectations that can be leveraged later.


There’s nothing in the world easier than knee-jerk cynicism and a pithy air of being above it all.

Well, no, now is the time to work through the party’s policy positions on major issues and come to some kind of consensus. You don’t wait until after being put in office to start to debate what kinds of policy you want to advance.


Will someone ask her if treatment for gender dysphoria will be available under her plan?


How fast is simple, surely. Immediatley, at gunpoint if necessary. Surely America can get behind that? :wink:


“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”
— Maya Angelou

I believe Harris only sees the healthcare issue through an economic lens, and once it discontinues being viewed so, her tune will change.

ETA: To be clear, she has humanitarian roots in her parents, but against their wishes, she decided to be a “cop”, citing a need for change from within. However, it’s the system that allowed the persecutor within to thrive. I believe she is only humanitarian when it suits the agenda.


I don’t agree with some her actions as AG, either. And I also recognize that in the Senate she has voted with Elizabeth Warren, the Senator whose policy position I agree most, more than 95% of the time. I also think she’s the best equipped D to win a general election against Trump, which is not a small thing to consider in my opinion.


I think you mean her Medicare for all* plan.

Roger that. I’ll vote for any D, even if they nominate a banana with a toothpick stuck in it but Harris is the one that has my $50 and a sticker on my car.


that doesn’t sound very universal.

a huge benefit of a truly universal system that is paid for by the government is that any person would be accepted into the system. there’s never a question: are you covered, by which plan, for which doctors, etc.

if you still have to “buy in” - that sounds like you have to do means testing, plus a lot of paperwork that people at the edges aren’t always able to do


Yeah, Kamala’s problem is her false promises aren’t grand enough.

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