Kane Tanaka, the world's oldest person, has died

My grandpa claimed his birthday as July 4 because the county records building burned down when he was pretty young. He was assumed to be 84 when he died, that’s close enough for us. :woman_shrugging:


My great grandfather lived to 102, and I spent a lot of time with him when I was a kid. His experiences were awesome. He retired in 1947 (!!). In 1906 he rode a horse from New York to Calgary.

My FIL’s mom died at about 98 (they estimate) in rural Greece. Nobody was clear on the age of her eldest sister, but there were 11 kids between them. Eldest sister died about 15 years later. Clean living and red wine.

I suppose you’ll want to be sentient too?

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That is the roughest 59 years old I’ve ever seen


A friend of mine always insisted his ideal death would be at age 99, “shot in bed by a jealous husband.”

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If I was the oldest, I’d keep it quiet and watch what happens to #2.

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That is some age!
I don´t think I want to live over 100.
I´m 41 and there are moments where I feel just tired of everything.


@pesco Ms. Calment died in 1997

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We all move up a notch in the rankings.


Not so cool since Willard Scott stopped doing the Smuckers 100th birthday shout-outs on the “Today” show. Sure, Al Roker does it, but it doesn’t have the same thrill any more. Sorry, Al.


I’ve been postponing my official 50th birthday celebration since June 2020. We’re finally feeling (relatively) safe enough to have another kinky camping event so will be celebrating this year, vax verified, of course. Not to be too dark but I’m glad I’ve managed to ignore that depression voice that sometimes whispers in my brain. I may not see my 60th but I’m happy to have made it this far. Sometimes I think the rising hate against people like me actually helps keep me going, in which case I may just make it to 100.

I’d rather go with “peacefully the next morning with a satisfied husband and his [wife/husband/partner(s)],” but that’s me. I mean not that I’d wish waking up next to my corpse on someone but I would no longer be in any condition to worry about it.


You’d think this would not be newsworthy - whoever is the world’s oldest person at any given time must have a short life expectancy, so surely this must happen frequently (probably about every three months based on this Wikipedia list). But it sounds like Kane Tanaka was an outlier (if her age is verified) - it must be unusual to hold the title for over three years!

I once held the distinction of “World’s Youngest Person” for a brief time back in the 1970s but then the title went to about 12,000 other people within the hour, including my own brother.


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