Kansas cable lobbyist writes bill outlawing Google Fiber and municipal broadband, gets it tabled in Kansas legislature


I’m confused. Does tabled here mean that the bill is dead, is being debated, is set for ratification? What gives?

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Tabled means its dead.


Another reason Google should have picked Asheville.

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Frankly, I think even attempting to pass laws like this should be illegal. At the very least, it is entirely contradictory to the oath of office made by politicians when they enter office. (Not that I’m familiar with any specific oaths made by Kansan politicians.)

These moves do not serve the public interest AT ALL, and specifically and intentionally try to mislead and confuse in order to enrich a very small minority of already very rich people by legally forcing people to give them as much money as they demand. (Okay, that may be a slight overstatement… but only slight.)

The only thing that makes me angrier than corrupt politicians is the fact that the voting public keeps re-electing them.


To table has two contradictory meanings, which makes the headline problematic. The author meant that the bill will be opened for debate/consideration.


If someone tried to outlaw Google Fiber where I lived I’d stock up on tar, feathers, and railroad ties.

Tabled means opposite things on opposites sides of the Atlantic.

In the UK it means that the bill is being actively considered.

In the US it means that the bill has been set aside. Shelved, perhaps.

What do Canadians say?


Why’s that exactly?

FYI - Google Fiber is in Kansas City MISSOURI - not Kansas. IIRC the big leg up that KCMO had was they could lease infrastructure (poles etc) directly from the city, vs a dozen different private companies.

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American goes “shelved”
Brit goes “considered”
And the francophone says “cui-cui”*

But there’s one sound
That no one knows
What does the Canadian say?


*The francophone was checking Twitter instead of paying attention.


The UK meaning.

“The Tories have tabled a bill to make punching anyone named Trudeau perfectly legal”

That would mean that they’ve introduced the bill in parliament and intend to make it law.


They say things like “eh” and “aboot”.


You’re wrong. google fiber is in both Kansas City Kansas AND Missouri. Goto http//:fiber.google.com and check the maps.

I live in KC Missouri, I have Google Fiber & I had to wait at least 6 months longer because they started in Kansas.


Arrgh. Ok, i read the bill. This does not affect google fiber, it prevents a municipality from owning their own system (except for gov’t only use). Google fiber is not a municipality.

Also to answer the discussion above: this bill has been introduced and will be discussed Feb 4

Follow progress, read bill here:


I disagree strongly with coderay. Back when I lived in New Jersey, if a municipality were installing its own network, it would have been doing it as much for the local graft and corruption and whose brother-in-law got the street construction subcontracts as for the value to the residents. (Of course, if they let the private sector do it competitively, that was still going to figure into the process, because it was still New Jersey, but at least there’d be more chance of a good provider winning. Sometimes.)

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Tabled could mean dead, or it could mean it’s laying low until the heat is off. I’m betting the latter.

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Here in Brownbackistan, you have to invoke the name of God. A lot.



To hear Browncrack tell it, Jesus is interested in a great many things I don’t recall hearing about in Sunday School. It’s almost like he has a different Bible than everybody else does.

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