Kansas continues to struggle with measles outbreak

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Vaccinate your kids.

Sadly, it may take a lot of sick or worse children before this Antivax trend dies down.


Fun fact - Kansas is also where the Spanish Flu out break started. Ft Riley, IIRC.


Caution: Downer for Friday afternoon but, worth watching. (Save it for Mon AM)


That’s not the only issue. Sam Brownback has turned the state into Libertarian Paradise, which means there’s no money for public health.

Hey, who cares? Corporations don’t get sick.


So people who didn’t listen to medical advise (vaccinations) are now going to check to see where they should take the sick person to? I hope hospitals have a plan B.


If only we had a way to prevent this sort of thing…/s


Those first two are in Missouri.
I’ve got a three week old kid here, and it’s terrifying.


Events like this are another reason I’m glad for tele-doc service. Being able to Skype with a physician keeps people at the clinic safer.


I know what you mean. My elderly mother had her knee replaced recently, and pretty much simultaneously people started coming down with a really serious flu all around me. I holed up in Mom’s house for a week and kept everyone else away… luckily I can telecommute, so I didn’t have to go to my plague-infested workplace.


This seems like the way of things. We nearly eradicated measles in the US, so people didn’t take it seriously and decided vaccines are stupid and now we have measles again. After the dangerous days of the Wild West we put laws in place to limit open carry of firearms (especially in establishments that serve alcohol), and now people are advocating open carry by any idiot anywhere al the time. The British Admiralty almost eradicated scurvy through the use of lemon juice, so they switched to lime juice and scurvy came back with a vengeance (thanks to Futility Closet for that).

As a species we are only capable of about two generations of improvement before we decide to tragically reverse course.


I didn’t know they were still touring … “Dust in the wind” is a classic.


Hold the phone- are you saying that corporations aren’t like people?

After Citizen’s United, I had all my memory T cells replaced with paralegals because corporations use lawyers to fight off attacks. Are you saying I did it wrong?


Livingston said it’s imperative that people who suspect measles call ahead, so doctors and hospitals can arrange to segregate them from others.

Yep - still pariahs, then. Except this does not go far enough.

It should be:

Livingston said it’s imperative that people who were not vaccinated must call ahead, so doctors and hospitals can arrange to segregate them from others.


This is what happens when people get their information from Faux News and other fallacious sources - and when conservatives ignore science and slash funding for public health needs. Immunizations protect all of us when enough of us are vaccinated.


Seems like the GOP has turned Kansas into a Third-World State. We should just flat-out quarantine the whole bloody state.

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They refuse to accept the overwhelming preponderance of scientific evidence in favor of vaccinations. What on Earth makes you think they’ll acknowledge their culpability in the predictable consequences of their reckless selfishness? Typhoid Mary sure as hell didn’t…


I have to defend Typhoid Mary, because when something’s going around, I tend to wind up as an asymptomatic or mildly affected carrier, instead of actively, visibly, ill.

Typhoid is the disease that comes from being infected with salmonella - the mouse turd contagion. Typhoid Mary had been exposed to mouse (and probably rat) droppings so much during her slum tenement childhood, she became asymptomatic - but she was incubating it in her gut. Because even the rich rarely had indoor plumbing at that time (she was captured while hiding in her rich employers’ OUTHOUSE), she was unwittingly carrying salmonella on her hands every time she pooped, wiped, and re-dressed herself in all of those complicated layers of skirts. There’s no sink in an outhouse, so there’s no point in taping up the little sign that says, "All employees must wash hands before returning to work"


I meant it mainly as an example of why people, even otherwise decent human beings who wouldn’t normally harm their fellows, can do great harm to other people because they reject evidence-based medicine when it contradicts their ideological beliefs. But I agree Mary Mallon’s case was not entirely on her. Overall, it’s more tragedy than malice.


But…my mom. She’s not one of the stupid ones, but she still refuses to leave Wichita.

If anyone should be quarantined, it’s the Kochs.