Kanye West files trademark for socks that are also shoes

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Sock Shoes? I’m Shocks! Well, not that Shocks.


bro, do you even prior art?


He copy-pasted Daft Punk, so no.


Sounds like the plot of a bad 90s sitcom episode.


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I like minimal shoes. Fortunately lots of brands that aren’t associated with that asshole make them.


He’s asking for a trademark, not a patent. If he gets it, you can still sell “HMSGoose Socks That Are Also Shoes That Are Also Socks”, but you cannot sell anything for use on or near the foot with a name like “YZY SACK BLUES” or “XYZ STOCK NEWS”. Probably, your mileage may vary, I Am Not A Lawyer, etcetera.

(Something like “XYZ STOCK NEWS” that’s actually a for-pay periodical would be an interesting question; it’s not foot or apparel related, but it would obviously be trying to capitalize on what’s left of whats-his-name’s fame. But that’s why we have a court system–to deal with the weird grey stuff.)


Just spit ballin’ an idea here: How about calling them slipperz?

Well, let’s have a look at what TESS has to say ( Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) , maybe; their interface is peculiar.) The only result for “slipperz” I see is for “COCKTAIL SLIPPERZ”, in the context of “Fitted covers for beverage container bases”.
It was abandoned in 2019, so you can GO FOR IT!!1! (But be careful about calling anything :“GO FOR IT!!1!”, because “go for it” returns PAGES of trademarks using it, plus variations like “GOPHER IT! CLAN MCGOPHER”.)


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