Kanye's cyberteeth are "fixed and permanent"

Hopefully he never switches on full self-driving.


Should we? When his focus was on music, he made some damn good music. I think we might be better off if he returned to that.


[citation needed]

I’m confused on how he cleans the actual teeth that this is attached to. I had the full works of braces during my teen years and if you really wanted to get them clean it took a couple of different brushes and tools to get in all the nooks and crannies. I’m just imagining corn getting stuck between this thing and his real teeth.

I guess that shouldn’t surprise me as my parents have had partials as far back as I can remember. I had my first cavity (small) at 42. Of course I probably ate a larger than recommended quantity of fluoride enhanced vitamins as a child.

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The walls of his house were also fixed and permanent, but such limitations do not seem to phase him. I bet he gets it removed at some point, probably destroying the teeth.

I have a rack of titanium ice screws laying around left over from my mountaineering days. If you know of anyone looking for titanium to copy Ye’s incredible fashion sense, just send them my way. I can probably let them go for a quarter of what Ye paid. TIA!

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Yeah, I think he’s surrounded himself with enablers instead of the kind of people who tell you honestly when it’s time for a grippy sock vacation.


Common everyday choices of the near-future: “Hon? Should I work on releasing a record, or should I permanently get my teeth looking like that of the prehistoric Dunkleosteus?”


I think the only bright side to this story is that he will almost surely endure long enough to regret this choice.

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You know, with those cyberteeth and bruxism, he may not be around for long.