People are making replacement teeth from moldable plastic

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DIY dentistry

Two terms you don’t want to hear together.


They need to be using some Fuji-9.


I wouldn’t think heat moldable plastic would be hard enough to chew with. Plus, if you’re using ir to replace a missing tooth between two other teeth as kind of a impromptu bridge You’re going to be pushing straight down on gums. Ouch. I’m not seeing the point of it.

But it’s definitely the case that proper dental care is expensive. A dental implant to replace a single tooth is easily $5,000. I can see why a free DIY for someone who literally does not have $5,000 to spend could be attractive.

This makes me want to cry. America has failed. We could be living in motherfucking Star Trek (or at least thoroughly aiming for it), and instead we have people molding their own replacement teeth at home – and nnnnoooottttttt through replicators.


The point is cosmetic. Even before you get to self-criticism (the only sin in the US is being poor), people do treat you significantly differently. A DYI tooth may well be the difference in getting a job to hopefully eventually afford dental work.

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