Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to publish Mycroft Holmes novel

That’s what everyone says until Cthulu shows up.


Sheer! Luck!

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But Sherlock does have a smarter brother. His name is Mycroft.

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yup, from the imdb page:

Gene Wilder’s character’s first name, Sigerson, was an alias used by Sherlock Holmes during the period in which he was believed to have been killed by Professor Moriarty, in Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story ‘The Adventure of the Empty House’.


The film’s title and story set-up are an in-joke referring to Sherlock Holmes’ older brother, Mycroft Holmes, who is introduced in Arthur Conan Doyle’s story ‘The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter’ and described as Sherlock’s intellectual superior. In Doyle’s short story ‘The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans’ Sherlock describes the British government’s reliance on Mycroft’s prodigious intellectual powers as follows: “You are right in thinking that he is under the British government. You would also be right in a sense if you said that occasionally he is the British government . . . Mycroft draws four hundred and fifty pounds a year, remains a subordinate, has no ambitions of any kind, will receive neither honour nor title, but remains the most indispensable man in the country.”


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