Novelist William Sharp had a feminine alter ego with her own literary career


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His mustache is delisiously wonderful.


Anyone else watch the tv show Younger?

The last season has a version of George RR Martin who has grown sick of writing game of thrones and is now writing erotic eat-pray-love novels under a female pen name.


Baldrick: Gertrude Perkins?

Blackadder: Yes, I gave myself a female pseudonym. Everybody’s doing it these days: Mrs Radcliffe, Jane Austen.

Baldrick: Jane Austen’s a man?

Blackadder: Of course. A huge Yorkshireman with a beard like a rhododendron bush.

Baldrick: Quite a small one, then?

Blackadder: Compared to Dorothy Wordsworth’s, certainly. James Boswell is the only real woman writing at the moment, and that’s just because she wants to get inside Johnson’s britches.


and sharp


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