Karen's Got a Gun, the song

You know who else embraces the dictator aesthetic?

Seriously, it’s not just the aesthetic.


And Donnie is one of the worst offenders - he strips out everything in the dictator aesthetic that still has a bit of class or taste left in it (or required any real craft to build).

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The “private streets” thing is a curious kink of St. Louis history. Interesting commentary

I don’t know the rules in USA but here in Italy private roads are mostly a pain in the arse if there’s a right of way because the owner of the road have to repair the roads instead of the town and also the trash trucks don’t enter these road so one has to put the trash on the bins on the public road. On the other hand if the road has a gate, so no right of way it’s a different story.
Yest this piece of road is owned by LIDL.

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