Karma strikes rude boaters

That’s what I was thinking. Throw them a flotation device until official help arrives, then get it right back. I would not want those bigots on my boat, and that’s even assuming there was room.


They did stay to film their boat completely burning down, which added a special and well-deserved frisson I’m sure.


it was originally part of an Aerosmith song (this one), but this is obviously redone by someone much, much more obnoxious. i rather like the original because it’s not one of their overplayed songs. (the part they used is about 45 seconds in on the original)


Being rescued by the very people they were harassing must have been pretty humiliating though, especially since the incident went public. Who knows, maybe one or more of the bigots even got a moment of self-reflection out of the ordeal.


There are federal boating regulations that require rendering aid but the circumstances can be vague. It’s absolutely required if your vessel is involved in an accident but it’s less clear if you’re just a bystander. It’s more about protecting those who do render aid from liability in case something goes wrong.

However, there is also the prevailing standard of the “Law of the Sea” which imposes a moral obligation of skippers to render assistance to others in distress.

The Federal Boating Safety Act says: “Any person…who gratuitously and in good faith renders assistance at the scene of a vessel collision, accident or other casualty without objection of any person assisted, shall not be held liable for any act or omission in providing or arranging salvage, towage, medical treatment, or other assistance where the assisting person(s) acts as an ordinary, reasonable prudent person would have acted under the same or similar circumstances.





Also works to wash goose poop off docks.


It’s time-honoured maritime tradition that you rescue anyone in distress, friend or foe, if you are able.

Bringing the assholes on board creates at least a slight possibility that their bigotry may be dampened, so to speak. Leaving them in the water would just make them double down on the hate.


RIght. Apparently the song is “Oh no” by Kreepa, which samples “Oh no” by Capone, which samples “Remember (Walking in the Sand)” by the Shangri-Las


Yeah, I probably would in reality. But I’m a canoeist (canoe-dler?), so I wouldn’t be able to bring them on board. Lucky me :wink:

I’d say it was pretty damp by then, haha!


And it’s a good thing to see for everyone else. Some people are on the fence or young and impressionable.

It reminds me of the Black police officer who saved the life of an old guy in the stands of some demonstration the KKK was having. Obviously it was his obligation as an officer but it was a strong display of reasonable conduct vs. abject hatred.

found the story:


One of the reasons that submarine warfare was considered so barbaric when the Germans started going all-in with the tactic in World War I is that prior to that era it was standard practice to rescue any surviving enemy sailors after sinking their vessel and take them on as POWs. Submarines lacked the capacity to do that even if the crews were inclined to.

Which is not to say that the practice was always followed prior to WWI either, but it’s been part of maritime tradition for about as long as there has been maritime tradition. “Declining to take part in a search and rescue operation for a missing vessel” was even used as a plot point in Moby Dick indicating how far Captain Ahab had declined into obsession and madness.


Kind of them to pick them up.
I hear the straights have trouble finding the man in the boat.


I’m aware of the obligations. And while on small sailboats and boards, I have been harrassed by powerboaters and those sea vermin, jetskiers. One is not obligated to put one’s life in danger.

@ClutchLinkey had the practical solution - let them borrow a flotation device. There, assistance rendered. Cold water? Wait a minute or two, then invite them on board.


I once stomped on a fallen branch in order to break it.
It is something I had done any number of times, and
would do again.
This time though the branch flew up and knocked me out.
Very briefly, but still.


“The boat
The boat
The boat is on fire.”

I like the way that the Coast Guards used their water jet to extinguish the flames.


You dated a car? :stuck_out_tongue:


I looked it up. I think Aerosmith covered this original song by the Shangri-Las. And then a DJ named Capone remixed it and sped up the vocals to up pitch it.



I read some comments from the videographer saying they just screamed the whole time without a hint of apology or thankfulness. But who knows, maybe later, lying awake in bed, they reconsidered their life choices. :grimacing: I struggle against cynicism here.


That’s some kind of despicable phenomenon though, isn’t it?
In saying that another has no reason to be proud.