Kate McKinnon to star as Elizabeth Holmes in limited series for Hulu

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McKinnon is awesome.

Although I think she has great dramatic potential, I kind of think Holmes is overdue for a comedic portayal, which I am sure McKinnon would knock out of the park as well.


How many movies / shows / specials / documentaries are being made about this dip$hit?


This casting is surgically good. Now tell me who’s writing it.


We’ve been (through mass media) elevating terrible humans to the forefront of our attention for quite some time now. I find it lame, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

More Hidden Figures, less famous grifters amiright?


Ugh, I just reached peak Holmes and I didnt even get a chance to watch the doc yet.


I thought Elizabeth Holmes was my celebrity crush, but they just haaaaaad to double down with Kate McKinnon, didn’t they!?
She’s actually perfect for the role.

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…alongside Chris Kattan as a gold-salting geologist from Indonesia in the wackiest, surrealist buddy comedy/tragedy you’ll see this year!

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She definitely is awesome, however: when McKinnon starts in with that deep basso voice of Holmes, it going to look an awful lot like a Saturday Night Live cold open. I’m not sure if we in the audience can get past that.


With McKinnon at the wheel I don’t see how this doesn’t end with Holmes coming off too likable.


Has anyone approached Holmes about playing herself? I think she has enough ego that she would do it. She’s got Hollywood looks and the acting skills of a born grifter. I think it could work.


More true than you know. Via Wikipedia:

Her father, Christian Rasmus Holmes IV, was a vice president at Enron


I can’t believe how many articles don’t mention this bit of back story . I kept waiting for it in gibneys doc (unless I missed it). Gotta be something to why it’s not article A, B, or C in her origin story. Very strange.

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You better keep her far away. If you give her some time alone with them, they will end up making a movie about how Theranos was just about to release a life-saving machine that was just so god-damn sleek looking when it was stopped by a cabal of anti-life socialists and her competitors who made such ugly, beige devices. She can sway anyone. It’s her eyes I think.


I’m with you 100%! Also, I’m excited to see Holmes in this role. This should be a really entertaining film.

People like a good con story

Probably because he was not charged.

I was thinking when I read this: Wait, is this going to be funny or serious? I don’t doubt McKinnon can be a great dramatic actor (honestly I expect most comedic actors to be superb dramatic actors), but really the Theranos story could be hilarious if they made it that way.

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