Kazuo Ishiguro wins Nobel Prize for Literature

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I’ve really enjoyed the three of his novels that I have read.
Remains of the Day
When We Were Orphans
Never Let Me Go

Is it just me, or does he seem more popular (two movies adapted into movies) than the usual Nobel Laureate in literature.


I like his novels, especially The Unconsoled, which I know most critics hated, but I find it oddly funny.

Hmm, a Literature Nobel Laureate I have not only heard of but agree is worthy of the accolade.

Is something wrong with the Committee? Has anyone checked whether they’re ok and it’s not some sort of coded cry for help?

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Yeah, his books aren’t really “challenging” literature. But with Dylan last year, maybe they are on a pop culture fling.


Agreed. I like his books, but I do think more challenging ones are often “better.” I’m a bit disappointed in this choice, but then, challenging is just one among many ultimately arbitrary criteria for artistic quality (as is “artistic”!).

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Most Nobel laureates are unworthy? You must be exquisitely sophisticated, to be so hard to please.

You got robbed, Javier Marías.

Well, I meant more the opposite.

As I said most laureates I’ve barely heard of which hardly makes me a sophisticate and those I have heard of, I generally don’t understand/can’t appreciate (as to which, ditto).

I see. Give them a try some time, they’re mostly worthy. I like Steinbeck.

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I’ll add them to my already far too long “authors to read” pile. :slight_smile:

To be honest, it was a bit of a flippant joke which on reflection falls very flat. Looking at the list of laureates, those I have heard of I mostly like and would certainly accept that they are legitimate recipients of the award even if I don’t personally like their writing.

The ones I’ve never heard of? Well, that’s my problem, not the committees. :slight_smile:

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when I was like 8, my parents brought me to a party with their friends, and the adults were all playing charades. They let me play with them, and I got Remains of the Day as my round. I was doing my level 8yo best, holding up 5 fingers, putting a couple down, then pointing to the “reminders” but the fucking yuppie winos just couldn’t get it together. I didn’t know about all the special hand singalling you can do, but still. c’mon guys.

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