Keanu Reeves now writes a comic book about a superhero who looks a lot like him

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Matt Kindt!

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Co-starring Sam Rockwell and Mila Kunis.


I mean when you are immortal it gives you lots of life history to pull stories from.


I can say “vanity project.”

Checks out.


Reminds me of the development process for the Tom Cruise movie Oblivion. They gave out free previews of a “graphic novel” at SDCC in 2010. Except it was never actually going to be a graphic novel, it was purely a marketing technique to drum up interest in the movie rights. And then when the movie came out they could claim “based on the best-selling graphic novel.”
I will be very surprised if BRZRKR runs for more than 2 issues.


Yay for violent, armed, grudge holding employees of the US government!

I mean, that quote describes every good, red blooded American patriot ready to defend their lawn from the teaming hordes… amirite? :cowboy_hat_face:

I never want to meet him because I’m scared that I would disappoint him.

It’s almost time for Martha to take him back to 1530 to start another iteration of the loop.

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