They're about to start doing screen tests for Superman: Legacy

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Who’s Christopher Reeve?

A smartass remark like that is a good way to get yourself hurled into the depths of space.



My vote to play Superman is his brother Sean Gunn, let’s take the character in a completely different direction!

One of the coolest things about superhero films is how almost every generation has its definitive version of a timeless character. For Millennials, Spider-Man, and Tobey Maguire are one and the same. For Gen Z and Gen Alpha kids, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland are synonymous with the Web Head. It ultimately just depends on which iteration of a character’s film franchise you grew up with.

Gen X…





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… Bizarro am dyslexic :thinking:

I thought the S was supposed to be backwards, because he’s a “mirror image”, right?

… not always

I find it hard to care about another reboot and yet again another retelling of the origin story, can none of these chars ever grow up? It just the same endless stuff on repeat, i have not even been the cinema in like 5 years now, as there just been nothing that good as to drag me back into one, and put up with kid on their phones.

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