The trailer for My Adventures With Superman gives us a new vision of the Man of Tomorrow

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Jack Quaid is the voice of Superman in this new series. It’s could be a little weird since I’m familiar with him in his role as Ensign Brad Boimler in Star Trek Lower Decks. Though now that I think about it there are some similarities in the personalities of “Boy Scout” Superman and Boimler.


I have gained a greater understanding of Superman by watching Casually Comics’ reviews of Golden and Silver Age tales.

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Hah! I did not know this. Someone has to make a Boimler illustration with him ripping his uniform open to reveal a superman logo. It would be a great Easter Egg in the next season of STLD - assuming that’s ongoing.


The visual style looks like “Superman, the last super-bender.” I was hoping for something a bit more Fleischman, but I know I’ll take that hope to the grave.

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Using the Superman logo likely would require getting legal approval from DC. Now a logo in the same general shape but with a B for SuperBradward or SuperBoimler might be different enough for them to get away calling it parody.

Season 4 is coming out mid-2023 so it’s probably too late to add that in, but season 5 is in development. Perhaps a Halloween or costume party episode where Boimler’s costume is Superman (though Mariner calls him Superboy), Tendi goes as Beast Boy or Starfire, Rutherford as Cyborg, and Mariner as Wonder Woman or perhaps Raven? [Or “characters that resemble but are legally distinct from the Titans”, to paraphrase Futurama’s Anthology of Interest II.]


Personally, I thought Superman and Lois solved the problem by using a family and a small community to ground him. Sure, the longer the show goes on the less balanced it becomes, but for two seasons it’s been my favorite version of Superman.

You start telling the story of the next person to wear the cape, Jon Kent, and his struggles to both live up to the name of Superman and to be his own person. Even with superpowers, and greater strength than Clark, that’s a tall order and one to which many people can relate.

Well he does have experience in the superhero genre. He’s also Hughie in the Boys. Superman from the Boys is a pretty big tonal shift, though.

Speaking of superheroes, especially DC. Does anyone here play (or would be interested in playing) DC Universe Online? I’d like to play with a small group but I really hate pickup groups.

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