Ken Auletta: 'Can the Guardian Take Its Aggressive Investigations Global?'


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The Guardian is not the pinnacle of aggressive investigations that many people believe. Recently security researcher Jacob Appelbaum ripped into them on Twitter for withholding many of the Snowden documents, including information about how the NSA had been targeting Tor, a project where he is a core team member. A few days after he called them out on it, they finally published the article. He also called them out for constantly referring to Glenn Greenwald a “blogger” instead of a journalist, and essentially throwing him to the wolves now, just as they did with Assange and other sources Jacob says he is familiar with in the past. He also blasted them for the pride they take in saying that they “consulted the White House” regarding what to publish. Indeed, Jacob expressed the fear that the Guardian was backing off the publication of more Snowden revelations, and that the story would wither and die. It was at this point that Greenwald responded that he had always promised that, and I’m paraphrasing here because I don’t remember the exact quote, one way or another all of the truth would come to light.

Can you suggest alternatives? Better alternatives?

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