Ken Jeong says stop mocking his knee reflex hammer

Originally published at: Ken Jeong says stop mocking his knee reflex hammer


Every time I see Ken pop up in a really smart role I once again am shocked for a moment that the crazy guy from Hangover is actually a very highly educated man.

And his snark about Carrot Top doctors is a zinger.


No, it’s not useless…Actually, it checks your whole nervous system in many ways to see if your reflexes are intact

It’s true. You can see that the tumors have significantly damaged the nerves in my left leg compared to my right.


It’s useful for most folks, but not for me. I have no reflex response to the hammer test. Never have.


Just your knees, or all the trigger points? Is that called something?

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I learned yesterday that Peter Winfield, who played Methos on the Highlander TV series, went back to medical school in 2011 for anesthesiology. At University of Vermont, no less (my old hangout yeeeears ago).

Now I kind of want to see a Scrubs-like comedy (that’s actually medically accurate) with both of them.


We use them to check a lot of DTR’s. (Deep tendon reflexes) At ankles, knees, biceps and triceps at the elbow, chin, even a glabellar reflex btween your eyebrows. I have seen folks check reflexes in fingers even. As a pediatrician, i usually can use my finger rather than a hammer, but i still carry one for when i need more oomph.


Oh yeah, I remember my kids pediatrician using his fingers. He was an old doctor who retired when she was 8 or so. But he was a wizard with babies and toddlers, able to do exams and even give shots with little to no tears!


If find it very painful when my doctor uses their mallet to test the nerves in my groin. Maybe I should pay my outstanding medical bills.


Both knees, but if I recall right I did have a reflex response in my elbow. None of my doctors have ever seemed particularly concerned about it.

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New band name


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