Ken Paxton to pay $3.3m of Texas taxpayer money to settle lawsuit against himself

Do Texas taxpayers have standing to sue to block the settlement, arguing that this is a misuse of their tax dollars?


I dunno but this state is so ungodly fucked.


I’ve lived in Texas since early 1990s.
Even if we did have standing to sue the outcome is all but a foregone conclusion.

In the best possible scenario, the case would be tried in Travis County. @Kii would know better than I would if that were even possible.

Asking for justice in the current Texas legal landscape in such a case would be AFAICT a principled stand that would cost a ton of money. I’d give the odds of taxpayers winning against the Texas AG himself at about a skidillion-billion to one.

Stranger things have happened.


No, they don’t have standing to sue because Paxton is acting as AG, and thus has qualified immunity… AND even if they did have standing to sue, they’d have to go through the state’s attorney general’s office to sue, which… would be Paxton being the one who would have to sue himself.

This is what happens when a state just allows corruption at its highest levels. Your chief law enforcement officer is a criminal.


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