Kentucky Kroger shooting suspect to face hate crime charges


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Cue the clueless privileged white guys complaining “Why do we need hate crimes? Isn’t it being a crime enough?” Followed by the alt-right ones saying “Why aren’t white people ever the victims of hate crimes, huh, huh?”


Nasty fucker.


Ok, good. And since “terrorism” is still a thing we’re supposed to worry about, how about we also use that word for what he did?

If there’s any terrorism that’s a real threat in this country, it’s the kind constantly called for, and thus sometimes acted out, by the far right, especially white supremacists. So if we’re going to keep worrying about terrorism, let’s start worrying more directly about this kind, beginning with the practice of regularly calling it that.


Ask those people if cop killer laws are needed by the same logic.


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