Kevin McCarthy said Trump was responsible for Jan 6. insurrection, in newly released audio

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McCarthy is dumb enough to roll out the “who are you gonna believe, me or your lyin’ ears” line.



The GOP won’t make this “mistake” again. They were headed this way for decades but that’s it, they’re 100% the party of totalitarianism and stealing elections with absurd lies. The clay has been glazed and fired in the kiln and you can’t change it now without breaking it. Anyone in their ranks who even attempts honesty and accepting reality is shunned.


CHENEY: Yeah I’m here, thanks Kevin. I guess there is a question, when we are talking about the 25th Amendment resolution. and you asked if, you know, what happens if – is there any chance, are you hearing that he might resign, is there any reason to think that might happen?

McCARTHY: I had a few discussions. My gut tells me no, I’m seriously thinking of having that conversation with him tonight. I haven’t talked to him in a couple of days. From what I know of him, I mean you guys know him too, do you think he’d ever back away? But I think I’m going to do is, I’m going to call him. This is what I think, we know it’ll pass the House. I think there’s a chance it’ll pass the Senate, even when he is gone. And I think there’s a lot of different ramifications for that. Now, I haven’t had a discussion with the Dems, that if he did resign, what would happen?

Now, this is one personal fear I have. I do not want to get into any conversation about Pence pardoning. Again, the only discussion I would have with him is that, I think this will pass. And it will be my recommendation you should resign. I mean, that would be my take. But I don’t think he would take it. But I don’t know.

" ‘The discussion I would have with him is that I think this will pass, meaning the impeachment resolution will pass, and it would be my recommendation that he should resign. That would be my take. It would be my recommendation that Mr. President, you should resign.’ That is what Kevin McCarthy told other House Republicans, on January 10th, 2021, that he was going to call President Trump and tell him the impeachment was going to pass, and he needed to resign. Mr. McCarthy flat out and categorically denied that today. He denied he said he would tell President Trump to resign."

And then trump pulled the blackmail files… (Probably)

McCarthy and his band of traitors are lying sacks of sh*t.


tRump has some very nasty dirt [via the Russians] on the GQP toadies, that’s a solid bet.


Cocaine orgy VIP list?


Trump is definitely not unaware he has commited crimes, he’s just been used to people believing him when he said that he hadn’t, evidence be damned.


and almost immediately after that, the little voice went off in his head that informed him that admitting to any of this would make the GOP look kinda, complicit. so he hopped on down to mar a lago and kissed whatever items needed to be kissed and then swept the whole thing under the rug. and then cut cheney’s legs off. the end.


This enrages me. The NYT sat on evidence of a crime for over a year in order to profit from it. It’s one thing to want a “scoop;” it’s another thing to obstruct justice to line your own pockets. This needs to be made explicitly illegal.


almost as if the NYT was waiting for the clock to run out, or something.


Apparently they were completely eager to throw Trump under the bus at that point - Mitch McConnell talked about how the Democrats would take care of Trump for them with the impeachment. Except they didn’t want to be the ones to vote with the Democrats, and it obviously wasn’t going to work if they couldn’t convince someone else to risk the wrath of the Trump voter block by also voting for impeachment and conviction. So less “blackmail” and more plain political cowardice - the same that we’ve seen from the Republicans at every point during the Trump era.


Fuck every former Trump staff with a tell-all book.

They were more than willing to enable his abuse of power and criminal behavior, to personally profit many times. Now they are unemployed, not working for a dictator for life, they are after a final cash-in.
The books should be seized, scanned, and disseminated as public records for use in prosecuting Trump.


Liz Cheney who sits on the Jan 06 Committee has surely already entered this info into evidence. Right?


I mean what does knowing this change? Who cares? We all know at this point that half of washington was complicit in this coup and that nothing’s going to be done.



It establishes several key points, including that 45 admitted culpability to McCarthy, and that McCarthy and McConnell knew his culpability prior to voting against impeachment.


Much of this was already known, though, from Liz Cheney’s releases and other notes around the Woodward book. A lot of these things coming out now were already in the record and didn’t get reactions then. I mean I guess confirmation is great and all that, but this isn’t really a shock.


Kevin McTraitor was lying his ass off and we now have audio recording proving he was lying his ass off.

He’d still be lying his ass off today about this particular subject if not for the audio release. He can’t any longer.