Kevin Smith apologizes for misogynistic fans

Exactly what number of cocks might a respectfully-depicted female might have been said to have sucked?

Yeah I forgot about that one. Kevin Smith vastly overestimates the sophistication of his audience.

But that whole scene–and how Dante treats his girlfriend during the whole movie–is meant to show what a big fat idiot he’s being, not that he’s right… He’s dumb to care how many men she’s had sex with and he loses her because he’s an idiot. That’s the whole point. His girlfriend is awesome, and all he can do is brood over some girl he dated in high school and that she’s engaged to some other guy. Same thing with Chasing Amy–Holden loses the girl of his dreams, who loves him too, because he stupidly gets hung up in who she fucked before him. All the men in his movies, even the “heroes”, are man-children and generally get what’s coming to them.

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I went to listen to Kevin talk at a university like 10 years ago. He had some awesome stories about Jay. He did take care of him for a long time, bailed his ass out of trouble countless times. Eventually he figured out even though he was trying to help he was just and enabler and cut him off. At the time of the speech Mewes had been sober for several years - but I don’t know if that is still the case.

Depends on the state of their bodily fluids, doesn’t it?

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