Keyboard for conspiracy theorists

Wow, that is some epic butthurt over a stupid keyboard joke.


Shouldn’t it be wrapped in tin foil?

The post two articles above this on the boingboing page is about how the United States government believes it’s legal to kill its own citizens if they are overseas and part of an “enemy organization” the irony is not lost. I’m not an absolutist, I would agree if the government is launching a legal., properly authorized military strike (Which they almost never are.) and a citizen is killed while fighting or acting on behalf of such an organization, then that seems kosher, but simply to assert guilt and then execute someone. I wish there was something in the bill of rights about a guarantee of due process or something, seems like they would have included that when they wrote the thing.

oh I forgot I love jokes about groups based on nothing but their gender. I LOVE Misandrist jokes here is my favorite one.

And he still managed to miss the fact that “Zionist” and “Jew” are seperate keys.


Also, what do you think about the Lavender: ?


i really don’t anything about lavender I really must shrug my shoulders at several but on an individual basis.

hussy: only heard that used in movies and it was occasionally in jest but always from one woman to another.

limp dick: never outside movies “n. 1)A man without the testicle fortitude to tap the ass of the hotties at a party”
real men/pussy:Cowardly but borders on a no true scotsman fallacy. used by both genders 60/40 depending on their maturity\security level.

cock carousel /shrug is it like a sausage party?


Odd how “not all women are like that” or “not all feminists are like that” represents a valid argument, but the inverse is mocked and is used as a shaming tactic. The hypocrisy is palpable.

But most Fukushima conspiracy theories (OMG the entire Pacific Ocean is RADIOACTIVE, or increase in infant mortality in California = directly related to Fukushima! or OMG NUKE WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!)

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