Keyboard for conspiracy theorists




Alternatively, for MRAs.


Aren’t there too many numbers and useful symbols on that thing?


The caps lock button being so huge is a nice touch.


I kinda thought there should be one of those red buttons under a flip shield for turning cap locks off.



Must. Wake. Sheeple.


You can’t really explore the Biblical Number Codes that the illuminati use to control the stock market and (along with the gnomes of Zurich) finance the satanic NWO without number keys, can you?

And, really, can you be a conspiracy theorist in good standing without knowing that every symbol(with the possible exception of the deliberate misinformation that Their propaganda instills in the population) is a useful symbol, layered endlessly deep with sinister meanings upon meanings, occult connections and influences, ‘nonexistent’ programs, suppressed truths about the patterns of our world…


Still, I think that only requires a “3”, a “5”, a “7”, and a “0,000” key. We’re not talking Kabballah, here.


They could tailor it to hippie conspiracy theorists with the addition of “GMO” and “Fukushima” keys.


Pretty sure Fukushima was real.


I think gays and Jews are real too. Or is that just what THEY want me to think?


I dunno, the Jews could be actors, but I’m 100% sure of the gays.


I don’t understand why it would have a capslock button in the first place. Wouldn’t it be hardwired to always be in capslock mode? Lower case is for weak minds easily molded by government satellite beams and HAARP.


If anything it would have a caps-pause button. A tiny one.


I immediately looked to see who got the space bar.


Green: I have heard MHRM or MRAs use in various context.
Yellow: things I have heard explained but not used by the before mentioned groups.
Red: those are NOT MRA they are pickup artists terms and they are a bunch of douchebags in my opinion.

there is NO evidence connecting those groups.
It is inordinately offensive the way the media for example slanderously tried to connect Eliot Rodgers to Men’s rights activism because there is no connection at all.

here is indepth analysis

-PS Zionist ≠ Jew as there is Christian Zionism


A conspiracy keyboard without a dedicated 9/11 key?
This key is indespensible. (Presumably, with the shift key value being WTC7.)

Bro, do u even conspiracy?


Well you analyzed the hell out of that joke.


What’s the one about Islam? Unless you equate any criticism of the religion with ‘Islamophobia’, or wilfully confound criticism of Islam the religion as equal to criticism of Muslims the people.


I can’t see a gold key.