Keyboard waffle irons: now a thing you can buy


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Does anyone sell a waffle-iron keyboard, though?


I fully expect a Cory review. Only then will i consider the waffle iron.


Does it use Cherry switches? Is it comparable to the Model M? Clicky? Tactile? Can we recommened it to @RatMan?


Not sturdy enough. We use a professional waffle iron in this house! (Highly recommended, but it costs $80!!!)


I require a late nineties MSFT ergonomic waffle, thank you very much.


I found the keys too squishy after adding syrup.



I just think this is the funniest thing, ever.


Any place I can get a dvorak version?


You don’t need a review, just look at it!


One side of the waffle is QWERTY; the other side is DVORAK. For me, the real question with these waffles is what happens when the kids push them onto the floor: Do they land qwerty-side up, or dvorak-side up?


I just want Cory to get one :smiley: I’ll live vicariously through his purchase


Is it faster to type “butter” on QWERTY or Dvorak?


Oh Great Ghu, does this mean we’re in for a bunch of Fn keyboard jokes?


It’s missing the nompad.


It would certainly cook faster!


That’s the exact joke I was looking for! :smiley:

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