Kickstarter to digitally erase the rat from the end of The Departed

Right. What kind of silly can of worms does this open up too- it’s Scorses’s film, he made it the way he wanted. Are fans going to petition to get “Synecdoche NY” re-cut into “something we can comprehend?”


It’s pretty dark and De Niro’s character is one of the most awkward to hit the screen. Jerry Lewis is brilliant in it.


Yeah, you probably should have.

A friend talked me into watching it over a decade and a half ago, and I still haven’t forgiven him.


Cool! Next project, could he make Serial Experiments Lain comprehensible? I’ve always wanted to know wtf it’s about.

…philosophy, computer history, cyberpunk literature and conspiracy theory.


Ok, here’s a question for the smart people of BB:

In the last act of the film after Col. Jessup gets killed and Arnie Grape gets taken to the police station and hailed as the undercover hero, he realizes that Good Will Hunting was Jessup’s guy on the inside the whole time and he…runs away from the police station, only to try and expose Will later on his own.


He’s surrounded by dozens and dozens of police officers, all he had to do was literally go outside the room he was in and announce in a loud voice that he just discovered that Will was working for Jessup and here’s how he knows. No getting popped in the noggin later, and he gets to go home and be consoled by Mrs. Bates.

In the internal logic of the movie, why would he run away in that moment?


After seeing the trailer I have no idea what this film is about.

No, we had a Gangs of New York sidebar conversation.

I’m down for Stephen Chow all day.


did you cheer when the feds bombed the shit out of five points?

And that’s still more than it deserves.


The fact that people praise this film yet fail to grasp its a remake of a far superior Chinese film boggles the mind.


At least not yet. When does it go into the public domain?

There is a point in this reply, yes?

I believe that in the moment he suddenly questioned who he could trust. As I recall, he was no seriously drug addled and his head was filled with a metric ton of paranoia and suspicion. and to be honest…he was right. He had no clue that PFC Leckie was also in Col. Jessup’s crew…truth be told, who knows who else was.

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I think it’s great. It’s my favorite of Scorsese’s.

(I’m an admirer of his work, but not a fan, so there’s lots that I haven’t seen.)


It’s bleaker and darker than his gangster stuff, because it doesn’t make his anti-hero cinematically glamorous or romantic.

Less Al Caponey Hardass Robin Hood, and more SNL audience member wants to stay in the studio with you forever.


I’m in.
I will never watch “The Departed”.


Have you re-watched Casino recently? I don’t think it holds up.

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Yes, it’s an underrated gem even though it’s kind of like Taxi Driver 2 (without the violence).

I fully admit that I’m a big fan of a lot of Scorsese’s work, but yeah - if you want subtlety, you’re watching the wrong director.


Yes. In a lot of ways the plot is similar to “Taxi Driver”-- awkward outsider who desperately takes matters into his own hands in very drastic and anti-social ways. Not as good as “Taxi Driver” but interesting and memorable, Jerry Lewis and Sandra Bernhardt are both great in it (and DeNiro, natch), it muses on ideas of fame and illusion/delusion, and is not a comedy, though there are some pretty funny parts. I know people who for a time time considered it among Scorses’s top three films.


THIS IS BULLSHIT. What’s next, people start buying the rights to books and hiring writers to change parts they don’t like? Only the millennial generation with delicate snowflakes raised by helicopter mothers, self-entitled gits who have no spines at all, could come up with an idea like this. If you’re so soft and fragile your poor little feelings can’t stand seeing that scene, crawl back into your cribs where you belong and stay there!