Kickstarting a business-card-sized board-game


Not for nothing, but small board games (micro games) are the new hotness in board game crowd funding. Coin Age ($3), Where Art Thou Romeo (pay what you want), This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Two of Us (pay what you want), Tiny Epic Kingdom ($16), Burgoo (pay what you want), etc. And while a couple of these games are published by “established” publishers, for the most part in designer board gaming “independent” is a valueless term. I have a hard time giving value to some guys that is kickstarting a game from his kitchen when weighed up against TMG or the other publishers putting forward these games. Don’t get me wrong, this looks like a neat project, but unless you are talking Hasbro, Days of Wonder, Fantasy Flight or Wizkids, it is all kinda’ small potatoes (leaving aside the foreign publishers for a moment). More importantly, all publishers of designer games are pushing boundaries and pursuing innovation. If this game looks fun to you please back it, but I would encourage you to check our and check in on Eric Martin’s crowdfunding update. His comments are insightful and his survey is comprehensive. That are many great microgames out there (including the grand dame “Love Letter”).

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The title art is a bit of a turnoff, look like from a children’s bible, i.e. no fun at all.

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