Kickstarting a guide to the Portland locations in Cleary's "Ramona" books

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I read these to my kid when she was about 4 years old and I think they entertained me even more than my child.
Incredibly, the amazing Ms. Cleary will be 100 years old in about 6 more weeks.


I read, and loved, the “Ramona” books as a kid and distinctly remember Ramona and her father drawing a large mural of Portland one rainy day. Several years later I would realize Ramona lived in the same city that’s the setting for Hello Larry and Portlandia.

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Capture those sites and memories while you can. Portland is losing a lot of its history and places that make Portland be Portland. The developers are seeing the ever growing property values and are cashing in by tearing it all down.

I love Portland, but it is going away bit by bit.

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