The Portlandia Activity Book


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My real life Portlandia post 2001 recession activity list.
rent small apartment downtown
ride bike
park car
drink good coffee
taste and learn to brew real beers
learn to really cook well
meet nerds to do cool hacking projects
attend more college
snowboard at night in winter
guerilla golf
anything outdoor adventure any time
do some short contract work when bank account dips low.
world travel with awesome wife
I called it my midlife vacation before my kids started being born.

For some reason, I talked myself into buying the “Portlandia, a Guide for Visitors” book a while back, and it wasn’t especially entertaining. Just felt like a watered-down rehash of the show.

I suppose there’s a joke in there about hipsters and “Portlandia’s so over, man!” but I can’t quite figure it out.

EDIT: Wait a minute, there’s also a Portlandia cookbook coming out this fall? How many tie-in books are they going to squeeze out of this show? I hope that Spike at least gets one chapter in the cookbook that’s a little anarchy-ey.

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