2006 Interview with Beverly Cleary


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That is a good interview, but I’d note that Ms. Cleary is still very much alive…


Alive? She’s just trying to extend the term of her copyright.


Late? Hardly: She’s 100 and kicking.


So, we can ask her what she thinks of the illustrations!


writing for the young would seem to keep you young. Ms. Cleary seems in better health than many an 80-year-old; Judy Blume is 78, and yet looks far less.


Um… I was just going to ask when Beverly Cleary had died.

Thank heaven, “it ain’t so.”


Maybe she was late for the interview.


Well then for heaven’s sake make those heirs take that pillow off her face.

(But seriously glad she’s alive & well. Just shared Ramona the Pest with my kids recently and it’s held up quite nicely.)




If you (or your children) are Ramona or Henry Huggins fans and plan to visit Portland, I recommend the new book by Laura O. Foster that has a annotated walking tour to many of the locations mentioned in the novels:
Walking with Ramona: Exploring Beverly Cleary’s Portland

I also highly recommend Foster’s book on hill walks in Portland and environs.


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