Kickstarting A is for Zebra, subversive alphabets by Crap Hound's Sean Tejaratchi


By way of promoting a friends work, check out the Anxious Childs Alphabet. A slightly more neurotic alphabet.

B is for Bird Influenza

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There’s already a book by that name about last letters in words (“zebrA with a bananA”).

Why does the asparagus look like an artichoke?

Edit: there are two items titled asparagus – one is asparagus, one is an artichoke. I assume that one of the two ants isn’t an ant…

One final note… while it’s true certain LiartownUSA posts have fudged the truth a bit, this is a genuine announcement about a real thing in the real world. Although I have tried to deceive you in the past, that was for your own good, because you were gullible. Think of this post as a trust exercise. Don’t be afraid to slump backwards into my strong, waiting arms. I love you so much right now.

Via LiarTownUSA.

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